Japanese Bathroom

fresque mosaique salle de bain japonaise

Japanese style bathroom 浴室

Destination Sault (in Provence)

Nicola Simon-Drissler, a specialist of traditional Japanese painting, called "Nihonga", imagined a Zen-style guesthouse typical of the Japanese style with a bathroom mixing nobility of materials and purity of lines..

Open to the outside by a large window in front of the bath, the game of mirrors returning the light to infinity. The Zen spirit is emphasised by the contrast between black and white, between stone and wood.

The washbasin and the sleek bath are in white granite and black marble.

The decorative motifs, inspired by pebbles and Japanese stepping stones have been declined in 3 different models for the soil, the walls and the bathing area.

Created in collaboration with Nicola Simon-Drissler *

Decorative mosaics made of marble, granite and pebbles

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