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Reproduction of the Labyrinth of Chartres

I make reproductions of the Labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres in stone and on different scales according to a plan that I calculated, built and accomplished according to the research work of John and Odette Ketley-Laporte * and which respects most faithfully the values, proportions and dimensions of the Original.

I also create Labyrinth Hearts, on a given scale.

labyrinth on floor

Labyrinth encrusted

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labyrinth on wall

Labyrinth suspended

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Labyrinth Hearts

Labyrinth Hearts

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Information about Labyrinths:

➤ Calculations, layouts and construction of the Basic Plan

Assembly of the labyrinth pieces

I undertake the reproductions of the Labyrinth according to a plan that I calculated, constructed and accomplished according to the research work of John and Odette Ketley-Laporte.

Through its faithful, methodical and meticulous study, this plan is as close as possible to the values, proportions and dimensions of the original labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres.


➤ Creation

Each reproduction requires long work cadenced by many stages.
After scaling the plan with templates, the pieces are cut and then adjusted and ground one by one. They are then positioned and glued according to the tints and hues of each tessera so as to find in the completed labyrinth the harmony of tones and hues of the original stone used.
Several grouting steps are still needed to fill the interstices and gaps in the pathway.

Labyrinth and labyrinth hearts are made in the workshop, then transported in situ or sent by appropriate transport.

➤ Scales and dimensions

Reproductions to the following scales:
- Labyrinth 1/8 th, diameter Ø 160,7 cm
- Labyrinth 1/16 th, diameter Ø 80,3 cm
- Labyrinth 1/20 th, diameter Ø 64,3 cm
Other scales possible upon request.

➤ Matter and materials

Produced mainly in natural stone / marble type Boticcino, Marfil, Travertine ...
Other materials are possible ...
The size of labyrinths equal to or less than 1 / 8th does not allow for mosaic stone in the gaps, the latter is made as a joint.
The joint can be black like the colour of the original labyrinth stone, however for less contrast (B / W), and depending on the colour of the marble, you can choose a lighter shade such as anthracite, gray, brown, beige...
• All labyrinths and labyrinth hearts are water repellent and stain resistant.

➤ Destination

In Picture form : Labyrinths in 1/16  et  1/20th can be made in wall mosaics to hang / fix. In this case they are framed by a customised iron strapping with welded grip.
The weight of the mosaics being consequent, we create a support : a fixing bar with several hooks, provided with the mosaic and invisible once installed.

Floors & Walls : The labyrinths can be integrated directly into your floor or wall. They are then laid, glued and joined on site. Ils sont alors posés, collés et jointés sur place


For further information, quotes and orders, please contact me.

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